Auditorium (8)

Auditorium (8)

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The auditorium is 2,110 square feet and is a multi-purpose space currently used for exhibits, lectures, programs, weddings, receptions, seated luncheons and dinners. For information about booking the auditorium for your event, please contact Special Events.

The auditorium is original to the building and used to have stadium seating from the stage, seating that was arranged on a sloped floor from the doors to the stage.

The Library's auditorium was a popular venue in its early years for speakers, debates, and programs, as it existed long before other stages were built in Houston.

As part of the renovation, the proscenium--the decorative wooden framework around the stage--is original and has been restored. The original floor in this room was cork, and after years of carpet a new cork floor was installed. The ceilings have been restored to their original color and the light fixtures are faithful reproductions of the originals.